Important information for patients & visitors

Modified regulations from 18.01.2021

  • Visits to the ward are only permitted from the 6th day of inpatient treatment.
  • The visiting hours for planned visits are from 15:00 to 19:00 daily.
  • Each patient may only have 1 visitor each day.
  • You are required to register by calling +49 221 478-55777 before visiting.
    Here’s how:

    • Call +49 221 478-55777 on your mobile phone
    • Obtain a personalised link to a questionnaire free of charge by SMS text
    • Complete the questionnaire (it includes questions about the visitor’s contact information, as well as about symptoms and risk factors of a SARS-CoV-2 infection)
    • A QR code for the visitor registration is generated from the information collected
    • Please note: The caller ID must be switched on in order for this to work correctly.

  • Visitors must present the QR code generated after online registration at the registration points - Ward entrance (building 8), Heart Centre entrance foyer (building 40), Gynaecology and Obstetrics Hospital entrance area (building 47), Paediatric Hospital entrance area (building 26) -  this is evidence that the visitor has undergone symptom screening. Click here for the map.
  • Visitors will be given a registration band, which changes daily, to signal that they have registered correctly.
  • Visitors will not be permitted access to the wards without the correct registration band.
  • Please ensure that visits are no longer than 1 hour.
  • Please adhere to University Hospital Cologne general hygiene rules throughout the entire campus.
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