Visit rules at the University Hospital Cologne

Please refrain from visits:

Due to the current development of the corona pandemic, the University Hospital of Cologne asks that you refrain from visiting the inpatients treated by us. It should be noted that, for the same reason, accompanying our outpatients to their appointments is permitted in individual cases, only in case of compelling medical necessity.

These regulations apply to all inpatient visitors at the University Hospital Cologne:

  1. Visiting hours: Visiting is only allowed between 3 pm and 7 pm daily. Patients may only have one visitor, once a day for a maximum of 60 minutes. Only one person may visit each patient in the patient’s room. In order to protect patients, visits should continue to be kept to a minimum.
  2. Registration: You may register to visit an inpatient using the University Hospital Cologne visitor webtool. Every visitor must be registered in order to enable the authorities to trace any infection chain, should this be required.

    Here’s how:
    Call the number 0221 478-55777 using a mobile phone. You will receive a personalised link to a questionnaire via text message. You must then complete this questionnaire. The questionnaire includes questions about the visitor’s contact information, as well as about symptoms and risk factors of a SARS-CoV-2 infection. A QR code for the visitor registration is generated from the information collected. The smartphone caller ID must be switched on in order for this to work correctly. A new registration is required every day.
  3. Access restrictions: Visitors may only access the various University Hospital Cologne buildings via the corresponding main entrances. At these entrances, all inpatient visitors must register at the registration points set up there and show the QR code. If you do not have a smartphone or if there are other technical issues, you can also register directly at the registration point without a QR code. However, the use of a smartphone is recommended in order to avoid longer waiting times.
  4. Hygiene: All visitors must wear a medical mouth and nose protection in all medical treatment areas. Private fabric masks or scarves to cover mouth and nose are not allowed. If no medical mouth and nose protection is available, visitors will receive one at the clinic. Hands should be disinfected before and after the visit. A minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other persons must be observed. Avoid physical contact between visitors and patients.
  5. Symptoms of illness: If there are symptoms of a SARS-CoV-2 infection which cannot be otherwise explained then a patient visit will not be possible. 
  6. Exceptions: Please understand that deviations from the visiting hours may only be granted for justified exceptional circumstances. Extended visiting hours apply in the children’s clinic and palliative care (from 8 am to 8 pm). However, registration remains compulsory.
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