Our Services

Our staff members will help you with all organizational issues, guide you through the clinic and translate during your appointments with the doctors. Find out more about our services.

Send a query

You can send us a query about diagnostics, medical check-ups, treatment or second opinion (personal or remote consultation). In order to provide you with a precise offer, we will need your current medical reports - in German or English - including radiology reports to CT, MRI or X-Rays images. In this case, you will get an answer in a shorter time.

Usually, within 24 hours we will send you a confirmation that we have received your query. Your request will then be processed in a short time and you will receive a personal reply. 

Cost estimate

Based on your query and the information sent to us we will provide you with a cost estimate and contact you to agree to the dates for your stay at the clinic. In some cases, this cost estimate will only cover the diagnosis as a first step. If you also wish to be treated at University Hospital Cologne, these costs will be agreed to step by step and following the examination here in Cologne. The administrative services will be also explicitly pointed out in the cost estimate.


You will be required to already pay the amount stated in the cost estimate as a first deposit before your arrival. The deposit must be paid by bank transfer to the bank account in the cost estimate.

After you have paid the first deposit, we will draw up a schedule for medical services and send you all the documents needed so that you can apply for a visa.

In exceptional cases, for instance, if you arrive within 24 hours, the deposit can be paid here directly.

Please note that an additional fee of about 3 to 5% will be charged for credit card payments.


In order to receive medical treatment in Germany, you may have to apply for a "visa for medical treatment". This visa is usually granted very quickly and allows you, if necessary, to extend the residence permit.

In order to apply for a medical visa, you will need an invitation letter as well as a cost estimate and a treatment schedule which we will send to your embassy in advance. When applying for a visa, you can list several accompanying persons as long as they are named in the invitation letter issued by the hospital. It is therefore important that you inform us immediately of the persons who will be accompanying you to Cologne and send us copies of the passports of all the people coming to Cologne with you. We will, of course, look after extending your visa if this should become necessary while you are staying with us.

The documents needed to apply for a visa vary from one country to the next. More detailed information is available from the German consulate in your home country and on the following websites:

Flight and transfer

Upon the Patient's request and depending on its capacities, the International Office will be pleased to help you to book your flight from your home country to Cologne. The inner city and the University Hospital Cologne are less than half an hour's drive from Köln/Bonn Airport. The Airport Düsseldorf, the third largest airport in Germany, is located nearby as well.

We can also take care of the transfer from the Airport Köln/Bonn, Düsseldorf or Frankfurt-am-Main or from your hotel to the clinic. Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you.

To make sure that you have everything you need for your stay in Cologne, we have put together a checklist which you can download and print out.


Whether you prefer to stay in a classic-type setting or in a more modern boutique hotel or in an apartment, Cologne has plenty to offer in accommodation to suit almost every wallet and taste. We will be pleased to help you to find the best accommodation. 

Interpreting services

If required, we can offer you interpreting services in Arabic, English, Kazakh, Russian, or Turkish as well as in other languages.

Upon your request and depending on our capacities we can furthermore support you arranging for physician letters, test results and/or the final invoice to be translated into a language specified by you. These translations will only be provided where agreed separately and subject to an extra charge. 

At the Hospital

After your arrival at the clinic, we kindly ask you to present yourselves at the International Office. You can find us on the ground-floor, left at the main entrance, of the main building 8 of University Hospital Cologne. The office is staffed Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. In urgent cases, you can also contact us to make an appointment outside of normal office hours. For further details please check our page Contact & Location.

A member of our staff will accompany you to your appointments and examinations at University Hospital Cologne in order to help you with organizational issues and to translate, if needed.

The central canteen on the campus of University Hospital Cologne also offers a daily selection of dishes (in German language) that includes different types of meat and vegetarian food.

In addition to our Christian chapel on the premises, our "room of silence" is a place of reflection for people of all religions. Cologne has a total of 20 mosques which are frequently used by our international patients and their families. 


We will be pleased to support you with the purchase of medication prescribed. Please let us know if you need help.

Medical Records

You receive all the medical records made during your stay in the German language. If necessary, we can help you to have your documents translated into English or your native language. The written translation will involve additional costs.

Final Invoice

Your final invoice will be issued after your treatment has been completed and as soon as all single invoices are received by the International Office. Please note that we can provide invoices only in the German language.  

If the invoice sum differs from the amount stated in the cost estimate, you will be requested to settle the amount still payable or you will be refunded the difference.

! Please note that due to German law refund can be done only by the same way (identical payment method and beneficiary) it has been paid.


We can arrange transport from your hotel or from University Hospital Cologne to the Airport Köln/Bonn, Düsseldorf or Frankfurt-am-Main. Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you.